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Logan City Municipal Road Projects

Frontier assisted the Logan City Engineering Division with the Section 404 wetlands permitting for three road improvement projects located in Logan, Cache County, Utah.  Projects include: Extension of 1800 North connecting 600 West and 1000 West, Realignment of the 1200 South and US 89/91 Highway Intersection, Extension of 800 West connecting 600 North and 800 North.  Each project requires the delineation of jurisdictional wetlands and waters of the U.S., alternatives analysis to avoid and minimize wetland impacts, T&E species and cultural resources assessments, and mitigation design to off-set unavoidable wetland impacts.  

Nexus Elko Rail Project

Frontier completed a wetlands and waters of the U.S. delineation for an approximately 640-acre project area located near the city of Wells in Elko County, Nevada.  The project area is situated on privately owned land that is being evaluated for the development of a railroad trans-loading facility for crude oil and oilfield equipment and materials.  The delineation included jurisdictional assessments for isolated, non-jurisdictional waters in accordance with current EPA and Corps of Engineers guidelines.  

Nevada Northern Railroad Project

Frontier completed a wetland/stream channel delineation and jurisdictional assessment for an approximately 101.5 mile stretch of the Nevada Northern Railroad located in Elko and White Pine Counties, Nevada.  The study corridor is located in the closed basins of the Goshute and Steptoe Valleys, and required special coordination with the Corps of Engineers to determine Clean Water Act jurisdiction regarding isolation to navigable waters and nexus to interstate commerce.  The railroad was originally built in 1908 and was evaluated for upgrades needed to accommodate present-day freight train requirements.