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Mud Creek Restoration Project

Frontier completed a wetland and stream channel delineation, functional assessment, and restoration plan for an approximately 2-mile reach of Mud Creek on behalf of the Carbon County Recreation and Transportation Special Service District. The project is located in the Pleasant Valley upstream of Scofield Reservoir in central Utah. The stream corridor was impacted by past mining, water development, and ranching activities.  Frontier evaluated restoration alternatives and prepared plans to rehabilitate sensitive wetland areas; improve in-stream habitat for native fish; and provide sportsman access. Frontier coordinated state and federal permitting approvals and completed post-construction monitoring. Project was done in cooperation with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Machine Lake Mitigation Bank

Frontier is coordinating environmental monitoring and adaptive management for an approximately 5,000-acre wetland mitigation bank situated on the Bear River Delta of the Great Salt Lake.  This project is the largest Corps-approved wetland mitigation bank in the State of Utah.  The project has entailed the use of high-resolution airborne multispectral imagery to verify the re-establishments of wetland and playa habitats for the assignment of mitigation credits, and has required extensive regulatory coordination and approvals by the Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Utah Division of Water Resources, and the Utah State Engineers Office.  

Jordanelle Reservoir EA and Resource Management Plan

Frontier worked on the preparation of an Environmental Assessment and Resource Management Plan for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s 10-year planning guide for Jordanelle Reservoir in Wasatch County, Utah.  Frontier’s responsibilities included environmental evaluations, alternatives analysis and management guidelines for wetland, riverine and aquatic habitats, upland vegetation, fish and wildlife, threatened and endangered species, and invasive species.  Responsibilities also included project coordination with federal, state and local agencies, alternatives analysis, and public scoping meetings.