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Coal Hollow Surface Mine Project

Frontier assisted Alton Coal Development to complete the Clean Water Act Section 404 stream and wetlands permitting needed for a surface coal mine located in Kane County, south-central Utah.  It is the first strip mine approved in Utah by the Utah Division of Oil Gas and Mining.  Frontier assisted with wetland and stream analyses for the State mine permit, and with wetland delineation and jurisdictional assessment studies with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to exempt isolated wetlands from CWA regulation. The project also included permitting for the relocation of County roads and stream channels for the coal retrieval, which were subject to Corps of Engineers and State of Utah stream alteration permitting, mitigation and monitoring.  Frontier also completed baseline wetland and stream channel delineation studies for an environmental impact statement being completed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management for an approximately 3,581 lease tract expansion area for surface coal mining.  

Mining Reclamation

Frontier assisted Homestake Mining Company with Section 404 permitting issues associated with various reclamation projects for the closure of a historic gold mine in Lead, South Dakota.  Projects included surface stormwater management, reclamation of waste rock piles, and the restoration of over 2,000 feet of Whitewood.  Frontier’s tasks have included: riparian-wetland delineations, documentation of existing site conditions, impact assessments, and Section 404 permitting coordination with the Corps of Engineers.