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Lake Side Phase 2 Power Plant Project

Frontier assisted PacifiCorp and Summit Vineyard, LLC obtain an Individual 404 Permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the construction of a 600 megawatt gas-fired power plant in Utah County, Utah.  Frontier prepared a comprehensive on-site mitigation plan to replace 3.68 acres of permanent wetland impacts and 2.10 acres of temporary wetland impacts.  The project is located near the Utah Lake Shorelands and required in-depth alternatives analyses, resource impact assessments, a public review and comment period and extensive coordination with numerous federal, state and local government agencies.  USFWS surveys for Spiranthes diluvialis were required.  Frontier also coordinated permit amendments to relocate a portion of the wetlands mitigation to an off-site location along the Provo River corridor, including the design and implementation of mitigation construction plans.

Searchlight Solar Energy Project

Frontier completed a delineation study to determine the presence of jurisdictional waters of the U.S. for an approximately 210-acre solar energy project area located in Clark County, Nevada.  The project required determinations for more than 20 miles of ephemeral drainages in accordance with the Corps of Engineers Arid West delineation procedures, and determinations of jurisdictional nexus following EPA and Corps of Engineers Rapanos guidelines.

Milford First Wind Power Generation Project

Frontier completed a comprehensive investigation to identify the presence of jurisdictional wetlands, stream channels and playas within an approximately 40,000 acre project area located in the Escalante Desert of western Utah.  Bi-weekly surveys were conducted for Arid West intermittent and ephemeral drainages throughout the late-winter and spring months to determine the presence of stream flows, ordinary high water marks, and wetland or playa hydrology.  Delineation technical reports were prepared and approved jurisdictional determinations for isolated waters were obtained from the Corps of Engineers for project planning and permitting.