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Professional Environmental Consulting Services

Wildlife Habitat Assesment

Baseline surveys and habitat suitability assessments for threatened/endangered species and other federal- or state-listed species of special concern.


Identification and mapping of jurisdictional wetland boundaries in accordance with US Army Corps of Engineers delineation manuals and technical standards.

Vegetation Transect Monitoring

Use of various vegetation transect and plot methods for rare plant surveys, noxious weeds inventories, and monitoring temporal changes in plant communities.

Stream Corridor Assessments

Assessment of channel, stream bank and floodplain stability. Evaluation of proper functioning condition and riparian-wetland restoration potential.

Resource Management and Planning

Preparation of resource management plans and conservation plans for private and public lands.

Playa Delineations

Delineation of playa OHWM boundaries per the US Army Corps of Engineers Delineating Playas in the Arid Southwest technical guidance.

Permitting Approval and Mitigation

US Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 permitting, alternatives analysis, mitigation design and post-project performance monitoring.

NEPA Compliance and Documentation

Environmental baseline documentation, alternatives analysis, impact assessments, mitigation and monitoring commitments for EA’s and EIS’s.

Multispectral Imagery Remote Sensing

Large-scale habitat mapping and resource inventories using airborne high-resolution multispectral imagery and other remote sensing data.

Migratory bird and raptor surveys

Identification of avifauna, breeding areas, nesting sites, staging and forage areas for federal and state permitting compliance.

About Us

Frontier Corporation USA is a Utah-based company offering professional consulting services for a wide-range of complex environmental issues. The company was founded by Dennis Wenger in 2000. Dennis has a BS in Biology holds a MS in Ecology. He has been a professional consultant living in Utah since 1991, and has more than 25 years of environmental analysis and permitting experience throughout the Intermountain West.

Located in Providence, Utah, Frontier’s offices are approximately 75 miles north of Salt Lake City. Our location is in close proximity to Utah State University, affording us easy access the Merrill-Cazier Library, the Quinney Natural Resources Research Library, the Utah Water Resources Research Laboratory, the Utah Remote Sensing Laboratory, the USU Geographic Information Systems Laboratory, the Intermountain Herbarium, the Federal Documents Repository for the Intermountain Region, and other university facilities.

We maintain a professional staff of multidisciplinary scientists familiar with ongoing research and technological advances at the university. We also maintain an established network of collaborating firms and individuals with expertise in disciplinary fields that complement our capabilities. This arrangement permits us to provide our clients with state-of-the-art support in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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